Creating the Perfect In-Law Suites

There are many ideas for second floor home additions. When it comes to popular second floor home additions, in-law suites often stand out. And yet, you have to take note of a few crucial factors in adding an in-law suite to your home. Space requirements, zoning setbacks and restrictions, access, budget, mobility constraints, and site topography are just some of the considerations you have to look into. Below are a more in-depth discussion on the important factors to consider when adding an in-law suite to your home. Make sure to click here now for more info.


For concerns pertaining to second floor home additions such as in-law suites, it would always be best to enlist the services of a design professional. The presence of both in-laws and homeowners is also essential for every design meeting. By bringing everyone involved together, your in-law suite project has more chances of becoming successful. Moreover, everyone will be enjoying the end result.


Adding a kitchen or not is one of the key design considerations in the in-law suite that you will be having. Your decision often relies on the level of independence of the family members who will be residing in this suite. Usually, social, active, and lucid in-laws prefer to have their own meals prepared and entertain their guests. On the other hand, in-laws with dementia symptoms or short-term memory loss are better off dining with the other family members and not to be preparing their own meals. Check out San Jose pre built homes here! 


When you will be adding another kitchen to your place, you should satisfy the requirements of your jurisdiction. A basic zoning affidavit and request is most common as a requirement. No more need to look into these requirements if no kitchen is needed for the suite.


A private exterior access is another important factor to consider in creating in-law suites. This particular consideration depends on the lifestyle of your in-laws. Active or social parents may want to have their own entrance for privacy reasons. A good entrance means having it safely located, well-lit, and well-covered. Make sure to create an accessible parking area as well. Ensure to maintain a social privacy dignity for your folks.


Though in-law suites make the perfect second floor home additions, having them located at the same level as the main house is highly recommended. This is the place where a lot of shared time takes place between the in-laws and the family. This means easier to the people involved. If you insist on getting second floor home additions, you can install an elevator for your in-laws. So long as you got the budget, then you can go with this option. As much as possible, you should have an interior access to the main house always. With this informal access, location is not vital. For possible use now and in the future for your in-laws, keep this access easy for the handicap. You can click here now for more info


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